The full version of  MobileMaths program is the most powerful mathematical tool for Mobile Phones and Tablets. The programs are  must-have for students, engineers and researchers. MobileMaths program includes a lot of applications with a large of features. The famous mobilemaths is designed in order to fulfil the needs of every one(student, engineer, researcher... .). By using mobilemaths you can make your handset as home computer and will get substantially all of the computing capabilities desired by a large fraction of the public. All the calculations made by mobilemaths are very accurate. The program is proposed for Mobile Phones and Tablets.


MobileMaths V82: very featured version and mostly compatible with Matlab

These are the best mathematical and chemical tools you can get for your Mobile Phones and Tablets. The tools have a very smart user interface system allows easy editing and viewing data. MobileMaths includes the following powerful, modified and improved tools:
  • Professional Programming Calculator similar to the Matlab's command window:
  • The programming statements are the same used for MathPro V82.

  • Simplify:
  • This tool applies some algoithms to simplifying expessions.
  • AlgSys:
  • This tool solves systems of nonlinear equations of several variables.
  • Periodic Table:
  • Elements properties.
  • Function Solver
  • Equation Solver:
  • Molecular Weight Calculation
  • Interpolation:
  • 1-D Cubic spline interpolation of x/y-values at xi, interpolates to find yi.
  • Graph 2D Calculator:
  • You can plot many curves in a single graph
  • Matrix Calculator:
  • 1.Multiplication, A*B
    2.Inverse of matrix
    3.Determinant of matrix
    4.Linear system solver, A*x=b

    Key Features:
    Solving a linear equation system of up to 20 unknowns
    Flexible data entry
    Opening and saving data
  • Curve Fitting (Regression) Calculator:
  • 1.Non linear fitting tool enables you to perform curve fitting of one- dimensional data using arbitrary (non linear) fitting functions by computing the coefficients or parameters. The tool is based on Nelder-Mead method, which performs an unconstrained nonlinear minimization of the sum of squared residuals with respect to the various parameters. The tool is unique in its kind available for mobile phones and tablets.
    2.Polynomail regression finds the coefficients of a polynomial p(x) of degree n that best fits the data in a least-squares sense.
    3.Multiple linear regression attempts to model the relationship between two or more explanatory variables and a response variable by fitting a linear equation to observed data.

    Key Features:
    Linear & polynomial fitting
    Find the best-fit line or polynomial curve to fit your input data
    Multiplelinear regression up to 10 independant variables
    Flexible data entry
    Opening and saving data

    Nonlinear fitting (Nonlinear Regression)
    User defined regression model (input function) can have many fitting parameters, or variables, and you can use whatever variable names you want to use in your input function.
    The tool implements the Nelder-Mead simplex (direct search) algorithm, to minimize a non linear function of several variables.
    Flexible data entry
    Opening and saving data



  • MathPro V82: programming language mostly compatible with Matlab

  • Professional Unit Converter
  • Derivatives Solver
  • Taylor series Calculator
  • Triangle Calculator (angles, sides and area)
  • definite integral Calculator
  • Indefinite integral Calculator
  • Acid-Basic Titration Calculator
  • Chemical Formula Solver
  • Distillation Solver
  • Steam and Water Properties Calculator
  • Air Viscosity Calculator
  • and much more...

MobileMaths is absolutely the best mathematical and chemical program you can get for your Mobile Phone and Tablet.

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MathPro V82 Featured Version

MathPro is a programming language mostly compatible with Matlab

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MobileMaths V82 Featured Version

MobileMaths is a set of mathematical and chemical applications (26 apps)

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